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 "...when trekking in Bhutan, many places feel so remote that you can imagine that you are the first person ever to visit."  - Lonely Planet  



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Trekking in Bhutan

Trekking in Bhutan forms part of the trekking trails that run into the majestic Himalayas. The lure of trekking the gigantic Himalayas is enduring and timeless. Trekkers from around the world would make their way into the Himalayas, absorb the splendours of the high mountains and the unique cultures of its inhabitants. 


What makes trekking in Bhutan unique is that it is truly a wilderness experience. Unlike other regions of the Himalayas, trekking trails in Bhutan lead through few remote and tiny villages, exceptionally high coverage of pristine old growth forests and gleaming peaks. Once you are on a trekking trail, there are no cars, no planes flying overhead and no electricity. It's the endless stretch of mountains and forests, clear-watered springs and snow-capped mountain peaks.


Trekking offers the opportunity to see the real Bhutan that is scarcely touched by the modern times. The high altitude grazing lands where the nomadic families eked out a living for centuries, yak tents where the families live, the wild flowers, and the highest unclimbed peaks.  


There are no lodges or hotels in the mountains - you would be camping in tents. A trek in Bhutan can range from 3 days to 25 days. It is physically demanding as you would be trekking for 6-8 hours daily and the changes in elevation are large. You would be climbing a rocky hill in the morning, pass by a glacial lake in the noon and descend into a valley in the afternoon. Amid the virgin forests with unique flora and fauna, the huge mountains surrounding you that dwarf you, and the ruins of fortresses from the past, you would find that you are safe and peaceful in the countryside.


One of the campfire jokes that we hear from some of our avid trekker clients runs..." the best part about trekking in Bhutan is that you get to talk last at a cocktail party about summer vacations. When you are done telling your tale, people who talked first would not remember where they had gone for their summer vacations."  





Druk Path Trek - 8Days/7Nights

Druk Path Trek is one of the most popular treks in Bhutan. It starts from Paro Ta Dzong and ends by descending into Motithang area above Thimphu. Bhutan is perhaps the only country where you can trek from the airport (Paro) to the country's capital (Thimphu). The trail is scenic and passes by some of the lakes in the mountains. 

6 Days of Trekking. Rating: Medium              

Druk Path Trek Itinerary  





Jhomolhari  Trek -14Days/13Nights

The trek offers spectacular views of Jhomolhari (7314 m), revered by yak herders as the abode of Goddess Jhomo. The trek crosses mountain passes, high altitude lakes, and offers view of Bhutanese Himalayan peaks of Jichu Drakey and Tserim Kang (6789m).Yak herders and nomadic villagers would be your next door neighbours as you camp along.   

9 Days Trekking. Rating: Medium to Hard

Jhomolhari Trek Itinerary  





Laya Trek - 16Days/15Nights

This trek extends from Jhomolhari trek and takes you into the Laya community, a distinct ethnic yak herders in northern most part of Bhutan. The trail offers spectacular mountain views, insights into the remote Laya community, encounter with blue sheep and dip in the hotspring at Gasa.


14 Days Trekking. Rating: Meduim-Hard

Laya Trek Itinerary  



Durr Hotspring Trek 12Days/11Nights

This Trek starts from the Central Bhutan valley of Bumthang, along the old trail where the Bhutan's monarchs used to go for medicinal baths in the hotspring. You can extend this trek to include a camping at the base Mt. Gangkar Puensum, the highest unclimbed mountain in the world.


8 Days Trekking. Rating: Medium to Hard

Durr Hotspring Trek Itinerary  



Samtengang Winter Trek 


This is a relatively low altitude trek in subtropical forests east of Punakha Valley. The warm climate and low altitude makes it ideal for winter trek in Bhutan. Oak forests and rural villages, it gives a glimpse of Bhutanese rural life.

4 Days Trekking. Rating: Easy

Samtengang Winter Trek Itinerary






Lunana Snowman Trek - 27Days/26Nights

Billed as the toughest trek in the world, it takes you to remote Lunana region of Bhutan. Snow covered mountain passes, high altitude (above 5000 m), remoteness and the long distance indeed make it the hardest trek in the world. Few people attempt the trek every year.

25 Days Trekking. Rating: Very Hard

Lunana Snowman Trek Itinerary Click here




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