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The Simple Way to Travel to Bhutan. 


Kuzu Zangpo La!

  Bhutan Travel - Unscrolling Thongdrel

Planning to travel to the Kingdom of Bhutan? Travelling to Bhutan can be a challenging task, if not an impossible one. The kingdom sits on “the roof of the world”, remote and “off the beaten path”. Just a few decades ago, travelling to Bhutan meant organizing an all-out expedition with long caravans of men and pack animals. However, Bhutan has been opening her door, albeit slowly– motor roads reached Bhutan in the 1960s, national airline flew to other capital cities by 1980s and by 1999 computers in monastic fortresses in Bhutan hooked on to World Wide Web. 

So, with the marvels of modern communications, you can arrange your Bhutan travel right here online. Read on, whether you are an avid trekker or a cultural explorer, you will find complete Bhutan travel information - from Bhutan's unique visa procedure to booking a customized trekking or tour packages to Bhutan.


The Kingdom of of the few places on earth well worth calling the "Last Shangri-La", remains high up in the Eastern Himalayas, far and away from the maddening world. Since the kingdom was virtually untouched well into the 1970s, the culture and traditions have remained intact to this day. Bhutanese people, a proud lot, are known for their hospitality and friendliness.     


You can take a truly wilderness trek amidst the majestic Himalayan peaks and the unspoiled forests. Get up to the chirping sound of the birds, walk along  the wildflower-strewn footpaths and watch the sunrise over the gleaming Himalayas. Witness a traditional game of archery contested between rival villages. Vividly decorated wooden targets hundred meters apart, powerful bamboo bows and exquisitely crafted arrows. Archers breaking into spontaneous songs and dances as they hit the mark. Come soon and meet the gentle people whose culture and traditions are deeply rooted in the Buddhist principles. Listen to the Buddhist monks chanting ancient prayers in a monastery or observe a farming family going about their daily chores in a bucolic homestead. 

To truly experience the Real Bhutan!!

To truly experience the real Bhutan, come with us! Capture the heart and soul of Bhutan with our tailor-made small group tours and treks designed to give you unique and authentic experience of our kingdom and our people. Our passion is taking you behind the obvious and showing you the real Bhutan – taste local food, meet local people, and listen to the local folklore. Our in-depth local knowledge can illuminate a subject, sharpen your understanding and reveal compelling insights into all aspects of Bhutanese life.

Never forget the pleasure of the journey...


Our Bhutan travel/tours offer comes with the convenience, flexibility, security and knowledge only a local travel operator based in Bhutan can offer. It is with great pride and pleasure that we welcome you to our wildly beautiful country! We are a company committed to showing you the Kingdom in a genuine and intimate way. We want to share our passion and love of the Kingdom with you so that you take home more than just photographs!! You will never forget the pleasure of the journey...


With best regards,


Tashi Pedon
Travel Manager


Alpine Bhutan Travel
Post Box 1382
Thimphu Bhutan

tel. +975 1761 2210
fax. +975 2 334911



Bhutan is a country so picturesque that it's as if you've wandered into an immense work of art"
 - Charlotte Phillips, Honolulu Star Bulletin






Testimonials from our guests:


"... Alpine Bhutan Travel was absolutely outstanding in every way on our recent trip to Bhutan. First they made all our arrangements including visas, payment, and airline tickets with us in New York City. Next they organized a trip to all the sites we wanted to see, even Tiger's Nest, one of the most incredible places in the world and one of the most sacred places in the Himalayas.  

      We had a wonderful English speaking guide and driver who made the tour very special with their caring and their knowledge of the sites and culture.  They became our friends for nine days. They helped us see this incredible country, taste the foods, and shared the history of Bhutan.  In travelling through 180 countries of the world, this was the best tour we were ever on. Three hurrahs for Alpine Bhutan Travel and its manager, Tashi.  We cannot thank her enough."


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