Bhuan Travel and Tour Packages

 Travelling to Bhutan is best organized in small groups. With tailor-made tour itineraries and in the comfort of 4WD car, Bhutan travel can be an intimate, meaningful and fun experience. Small group Bhutan travel is one of the best ways to see the country with a rugged terrain with stunning scenery. When we say a car, you might be getting ideas about zooming from one sightseeing spot to another. No! No, the winding roads in Bhutan would allow a car only a top speed of about 30 mph. So, it is a slow and leisurely drive on the winding road, with plenty of picture takings and roadside stops as you wish. 

Bhutan travel packages listed here are expertly designed cultural tour itineraries keeping in mind the winding and undulating roads of Bhutan, travel time and key attractions. Meticulous planning  has gone into each of these Bhutan tour itineraries. Each tour itinerary is different from the other in the sense that each offers a unique experience of Bhutan – be it travelling from South Bhutan by road or meeting a weaver in Eastern Bhutan. There is flexibility built into the tour itinerary so that just in case you come across a stunning scenery around the corner, you can stop there and make the most of it.

We can customize a tour for you at no extra cost. These Bhutan tours can be used to give you an idea about travelling within Bhutan, and with it we can assemble a tour for you that is exactly as per your wishes. Some of the short tours here can be combined with short treks in Bhutan to truly give you a close-up picture of life in rural Bhutan.  


Bhutan by Road (5Nights/6Days) US$ 1250


Travel to Bhutan by road.There is only one airport in Bhutan, and most tourists with limited time on their hand would fly in and out of Bhutan. However, for those tourists with time on hand and some adventure on their mind, they can drive into Bhutan from neighbouring Indian towns. Driving through the endless tea gardens in the Indian plains to the subtropical forests of Bhutan. Observe the plains of Ganges rising suddenly into Himalayan foothills and mountains, as the winding road climbs into the misty mountains and disappear…

Bhutan By Road Itinerary Click here

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The Red Rice Valleys (6Nights/7Days) US$ 1500

The Red Rice valleys of Bhutan… Paro, Thimphu and Punakha-Wangdue valleys grow the famed Bhutanese red rice. Be it during the planting season or harvesting season, you will encounter the farmers in their fields, whistling a song as they go about their business. You will be taken back to the bygone innocence of time when each family grew their own food!!This Bhutan travel itinerary takes you into the rice growing cultural heartland of Bhutan.

Rice Bowl Valleys Itinerary Click Here


Old Trade Route South (6Nights/ 7Nights) US $ 1500

Just about 50 years ago, Bhutanese economy was a self-sufficient one, growing whatever they needed on their farms from cereals to spices, from fruits to nuts. However, as in other mountainous countries, one commodity had to be bought all the way from the sea…the salt.Salt was so scarce and so important in those days that it was accepted as a form of currency, and bartered widely in the country. Salt came mostly from India. After the harvesting season, in winter, able-bodied men from the valleys would make a trip to India. They would take produce from Bhutan like corn flakes, dried cheese and yak hair to barter with salt in India. They would bring back salt on their back and mules to last a year for the whole valley.

Old Trade Route South Itinerary Click Here


Historic Central Bhutan Valleys (10 Nights/11 Days) US$ 2500

This Bhutan tour package is designed to cover all the historic valleys of Bhutan. You would be moving from one historic valley to another in the heartland of the Drupka people. Some of the temples in these valleys date back to the 7th century when Guru Padmasambava first introduced Buddhism in Bhutan. A stream of Buddhist lamas coming to Bhutan over the centuries established monasteries and temples in various parts of these valleys.

Historic Central Valley Itinerary Click Here 


Valley of the Cranes (7Nights/8Days) US$ 1750 

Black Necked Cranes, one of the highly endangered birds, winter here in this high and beautiful alpine valley of Phobjikha in Central Bhutan. Cranes arrive by the end of October from Siberia and parts of China. They would stay here browsing in the marshes and the fields left fallow. Since the villagers here are gentle and respect the cranes as celestial creatures,  the cranes also seem to mingle comfortably with the villagers. You would be surprised to learn that the cranes seem to feel uneasy with outsiders, and won’t allow people to get as close to them as the locals. However, you will get enough opportunity to take close up pictures and watch the graceful dances of the crane to court their mates.

Valley of the Cranes Itinerary Click Here 


Journey Across the Kingdom (15Nights/16Days) US$ 3450 

This Bhutan tour package would take you across the kingdom – from broad western valleys to central alpine valleys and then to the warmer Eastern parts of Bhutan. As you would climb from one mountain pass into another and drop down into valleys, you would be astonished to learn that people of one valley speaks an entirely different language from the next one. This Bhutan travel itinerary would take you across the length of the country.

Journey Across Kingdom Itinerary Click Here