Druk Air ( the state owned carrier) and Bhutan Airlines are the two airlines flying into Bhutan.

There are direct flights to the following cities of neighbouring countries: Bangkok in Thailand, New Delhi and Kolkata in India, Kathmandu in Nepal, Dhaka in Bangladesh, and, in recent years direct flight to Singapore has been added. You would have to get a connection flight to one of these cities before you board Druk Air flight to Bhutan.

It is advisable to purchase plane tickets to one of these cities abroad because it is expensive to arrange from Bhutan. However, since Druk Air tickets are easily booked in Bhutan (passengers say in some countries it doesn’t show up on the e-ticket system), we would arrange for the Druk Air ticket once the visa has been approved. We would then arrange to either send by post to your address or forward it to Druk Air outstation in the above mentioned cities’ airport so you can collect it from there.

Note: The Tourist tariff in Bhutan doesn’t cover your home plane ticket or Druk Air ticket.