Journey Across the Kingdom Tour

This tour package would take you across the kingdom – from broad western valleys to central alpine valleys and then to the warmer Eastern parts of Bhutan. As you would climb from one mountain pass into another and drop down into valleys, you would be astonished to learn that people of one valley speak an

Valley of the Cranes Tour

Black Necked Cranes, one of the highly endangered birds, winter here in this high and beautiful alpine valley of Phobjikha in Central Bhutan. Cranes arrive by the end of October from Siberia and parts of China. They would stay here browsing in the marshes and the fields left fallow. Since the villagers here are gentle

Historic Central Bhutan Valleys Tour

This tour package is designed to cover all the historic valleys of Bhutan. You would be moving from one historic valley to another in the heartland of the Drupka people. Some of the temples in these valleys date back to the 7th century when Guru Padmasamba first introduced Buddhism in Bhutan. A stream of Buddhist

Old Trade Route South Tour

Just about 50 years ago, Bhutanese economy was a self-sufficient one, growing whatever they needed on their farms from cereals to spices, from fruits to nuts. However, as in other mountainous societies, one commodity had to be bought all the way from the sea – the salt. Salt was so scarce and important in those

Rice Bowl Valleys Tour

More than three quarters of a century ago, British Political Officer Derrick Williamson and his young wife Margaret D. Willaimson visiting Bhutan wrote:  “…each house was surrounded by a sizeable tract of land upon which the family could grow enough food to support itself and little over to barter for other goods. The fact that

Bhutan By Road Tour

There is only one airport in Bhutan, and most tourists with limited time on their hand would fly in and out of Bhutan. However, for those of you with time on hand and some adventure on their mind can drive into Bhutan from neighbouring Indian towns. It has its own charm…driving through the endless tea