Bhutan is one of the safest places to visit. Let aside such big problems such as political unrest, the usual banes of travelling in Asia – theft and begging – are also absent in Bhutan. Despite the political unrest in other parts of the region, Bhutan is a safe destination. However, travelling to Bhutan presents its own set of small and uniquely Bhutanese travel annoyances.

Dogs: Due to the Buddhist belief of respecting all forms of life, there are many street dogs roaming all valleys in the country. Dog barking at night is one of the annoyances in Bhutan. Bring along a ear plug to help you sleep at night.

Sunburn: The low latitude of the country combined with the high altitude means the solar radiation is intense. Even on cloudy days you would get sunburn if your skin is exposed to the sun in Bhutan for a long time. Therefore, bring along a pair of sunglasses (or if you are trekking bring an extra pair to make allowance for breakage), sun cap and sunscreen lotions.