Travelling to Bhutan is not as hard as you might think.

Royal Bhutan Airline, Druk Air, links the country to a number of Asian hub cities like Bangkok, Calcutta, Delhi and Kathmandu. If you are in Delhi or passing by in Bangkok, it is just a matter of boarding the flight on Druk Air and you would be soon descending into the fabled kingdom.

Bhutan requires that tourist travel to Bhutan only on pre-paid, pre-planned tour itineraries booked through a local travel operator in the country like Alpine Bhutan Travel. Bhutan is very concerned about the negative impact of uncontrolled mass tourism on the local people, the local culture, the local traditions and the local environment as is evident in many regional countries. Bhutan follows a strict tourism policy of “Low Volume, High Value”, with a set daily tariff to be paid by the tourists. This tourism policy may not really sound like music to the ears of budget travellers and back-packers, however, it helps to keep out the ills of mass tourism while optimising the inflow of tourist dollars.

How can I book a tour to Bhutan? It is just a click away. With the coming of internet in Bhutan in 1999, it is so easy to book a tour directly with a tour operator in Bhutan like Alpine Bhutan Travel. We will answer your questions and help you in customizing a tour that suits your interests.

Booking a tour directly with Alpine Bhutan Travel offers the convenience, flexibility, security and knowledge only a local travel professional can offer. Moreover, when you book a tour directly with us, you save a lot since we are doing away with middleman mark-ups. The commission and cuts that accrue to the middleman are saved, which we finally pass on to you.

Financial security for your tour payment is guaranteed. When you are making a tour payment, you would be depositing money directly into the bank account of Department of Tourism, which is an agency of the Royal Government of Bhutan. Department of Tourism maintains accounts in New York, London and Singapore where you can deposit the money by either wire transfer or account to account transfer. The Department of Tourism would then disburse the money in local currency to Alpine Bhutan Travel bank account in Bhutan only after your arrival in Bhutan. In case you are not able to travel to Bhutan due to any reasons, refund of the your tour payment is also guaranteed, subject to terms and conditions of tour cancellation. So, you should note that you are dealing with an agency of the Royal Government of Bhutan and your financial security on tour payment is absolutely guaranteed.

Alpine Bhutan Travel is a government licensed tour operator based in Thimphu, the capital of Bhutan. (License No. 1021218). You can choose one of our tour packages or we will tailor a tour to suit you. With personalized service, an experienced staff and excellent contacts in Bhutan, we are committed to making your trip to this wildly beautiful country a memorable one!