Visa is not issued by Bhutanese Embassies abroad. Visa approval must be obtained prior to your entry into Bhutan. You must forward the following passport details to your travel agency to apply for visa approval on your behalf. The travel agency in Bhutan would process your visa approval in the foreign ministry in Bhutan.

The following information must be sent to us to process visa approval:-

  1. Full name as in passport:

    2. Permanent address:

    3. Occupation:

    4. Nationality:

    5. Passport Number:

    6. Date of Issue and Expiry date:

    7. Date of birth and place:

    8. Place of Issue:

    9. Exact duration of visa required:

    10. Date of entry and exit and sector:

    The Foreign ministry would issue a number to us, which we will in turn send it to you. The number is needed in order to board Druk Air flights to Bhutan. The actual visas are issued on payment of US $ 20 upon arrival in Bhutan. You will also need two passport size photographs for visa processing.

Visas are also extended only in Thimphu by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs only.